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I am 28 years old and have been having some weird unexplained symptoms that I am hoping to get some help with. background: I am an overall healthy person. I have not had any major medical problems. I am active, eat healthy and mostly organic. I do suffer from some anxiety, but take ativan as needed. I have also been quite the hypochondriac which I think ties into the anxiety.

For the past few months, my body has felt like it is vibrating. It started when I would wake up at night or during a nap. Then it started everytime I woke up. It felt like I was vibrating. I would check my heart to see if it was that, but my pulse was fine. My husband actually felt it a few times. It then started carrying into my awake time. I always felt like I was vibrating throughout my body. My doctor did a ton of blood panels to check for lyme,thyroid, glucose, etc. Everything came out normal. I had an MRI 3 years ago which was normal and I had a head CTscan which was also normal this year. I finally got into a neuologist who said it is probably Enhanced physiological tremors. He saw my legs shaking when I held them in the air, and when holding a heavy book my hand/arm was going crazy with shaking. He thought these termors were enhanced due to stress, anxiety. He mentioned essesntial tremors, but didn't think it was those. He said he didn't think it was parkinsons because it was a faster vibrating than PD, and it was shaking when not at rest. He dismissed my MS concern, not saying anything about it. He said not to worry, just forget about it and carry on with my life.
So fast forward a few weeks after that, It has gotten worse. I feel like I am always vibrating (not everyone can see it, I feel like it's in the inside). ALmost like a caffene high. Now, my whole right hand and arm are super crampy, achy, numb. It hurts really bad, and keeps me up all night. I keep thinking my hand is twitching or fingers are twitching at rest, but I can't tell all the time. It feels like my hand wants to move, but it can't. It does twitch every once in a while but not a ton in one hour. I also always have random muscle twitches throughout my body. My right leg/foot also goes numb for shorts amounts of time. It is numb right now as I type, but it wasn't numb when I was cooking (maybe cause I wasn't thinking about it). It comes and goes a few days here and there, starts in my foot goes up my leg.. makes my knee feel achy.
I am now concerned again about PD or MS. Does this sound like it could be the early stages of it? People keep telling me it's anxiety, but when I take the meds it doesn't help. And I doubt anxiety could cause ALL of these symptoms! I know that the brain can do some crazy things, so I don't know if I am thinking about it soo much that I am just sitting watching for my hand to twitch at rest. or if I am making my leg feel numb. Any ideas?
I "buzz" from my MS. But it isn't the whole body. My right side only. As I understand it the legion causes it and depending on where the legion is determines where I'm buzzing. So my arm mainly buzzes most of the time. I have legions in C5 that cause that one. It can be unnerving, but I've never had my whole body vibrate or buzz.

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