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I'm wondering if this sounds like a symptom, it happens randomly about 1-3 times a week, sometimes twice in on day. My neck is always a little stiff but sometimes I get this weird tingling starting in my neck and it moves down my arm, getting more intense my arm draws up and it becomes painful. This last a few minutes, then I'm unable to work my fingers for about 10 minutes, and they tingle like my hand is asleep for about an hour. Each time this happens it seems to last a little longer. Does this happen to anyone else? About 17 yrs ago I had tingling in my face and thigh, back then I had insurance so I had mri ,lumbar and something with wires and electric jolts. Dr said might be ms, but that was so long ago, and I never followed through. Wouldn't you know now that I have something else weird happen I have no insurance, figures huh! Please share advise.

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