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Re: Im vibrating!
Sep 29, 2009
[I]It is a well known fact: L'Hermittes, in MS, is caused by spinal lesions not brain lesions. [/I]
Although definately true that its well known, this article was printed in 1993 and my doctors (both the regular Neuro and MS Specialist) have sent me home with journal and documented information which is more recent and justify that more and more MS patients are having L'Hermittes symtoms with only brain lesions; based on the location and part of the brain they are found.
The articles I have read also show the potential that buldging discs can cause L'Hermittes, anything is possible and as we know with this disease, no two cases are alike.....

[I]...the last MRI was head and spine. This time they gave me a needle during the middle of the MRI that was a first...what was that for?? [/I]
The needle they gave you was contrast...contrast is a dye which was probably injected into your arm vein- by finishing off a round of pictures with the contrast injected, it shows tinier lesions which might not show up without the contrast. It also allows lesions to "glow" on the films- these are usually active lesions which usually are causing immediate symtoms. This is the most comprehensive way for a Neurologist and Radiologist to see what is truly going on ...Hope that helps.

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