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this all started nearly 9 months ago when i was struck with a sudden headache at the base of my skull on the left side and became a bit lightheaded. these symptoms lasted for several days, and on the 5th evening, i became so dizzy and weak in all my limbs and could barely speak. my husband took me to the ER and they did a catscan, which was negative for signs of stroke, and they sent me home. i went to my PCP who said it was a virus at first, then labeled me as an anxiety patient and sent me home with a healthy supply of clonazepam. symptoms increased: i developed muscle twitching, muscle weakness, intermittent tingling in face and scalp, blurry vision, eye pain, abnormal pupil dilation, night sweats accompanied by intense nausea, insomnia, general nausea during the day, and fatigue.

i finally got in to see both a neurologist and a neuro-ophthalmologist to rule out MS and had a clear eye exam (i.e., no ON), 2 brain MRIs w/ & w/o contrast which revealed "the best looking brain [my neurologist] had ever seen", then had an MRA which also revealed no vascular abnormalities. 2 c-spine MRIs (one on a 3T scanner) revealed cervical spondylosis, bulges at c3-4, c4-5 and a herniated c5-6 disc which is compressing my spinal cord. we finally thought the herniation was the culprit. my husband and i decided to put off surgery and take the conservative treatment route including physical therapy.

although i had gotten a little better during the past 6 months, i am now having renewed symptoms: the headache and lightheadedness, ear fullness, and now about a week's worth of irritable bladder, and have felt electric shocks through my torso. a visit to my neurosurgeon last week involved a very casual suggestion that maybe i have MS and he basically threw me out of the exam room. i went to see my neurologist to discuss the situation again, and he said it would be unlikely that i had MS because of my MRIs, and he still feels it is my c-spine that is giving me these problems since my spinal cord is significantly implicated. he also suggested possible perimenopause which does include some of the same symptoms i've had, but i just can't shake the notion that this is beyond hormones.

i also feel like i should add the fact that i have also been dealing with a severe vitamin d deficiency which also can mimics some symptoms of MS.

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