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The past six months or so I have been experiencing alot of neurological symptoms. It all started with muscle twitching and fasculations. Arms, hands, feet, legs, face, abdomen, everywhere. I feel dizzy almost all the time. I have trouble swallowing, there always feels like there is something I need to swallow but it wont swallow. I feel like my legs and calfs are buzzing or vibrating. I feel muscle weakness and pain after very little activity.

I have seen my doc and a neuro, both ran blood work and my muscle enzymes are slightly elevated. For my job I am required to stand on my feet for 10 hours per day, somewhat stressful job. Things that used to be easy for me to do are getting harder and harder, i.e., mopping floors lifting things, etc. I get electrical sensations that make parts of my body jump at times for no reason. I have an EMG coming up soon. for those of you that have been diagnosed, how long did it take and do any of these symptoms sound familiar?? I find myself worrying more and more but it all started with twitching, and dizzyness, feeling light headed all the time. It never goes away. My primary doc says I have anxiety, but everything he gives me makes me feel worse, either weaker with more muscle fatigue or more dizzy. It is ruining my life. Do elevated muscle enzymes detect a neuro disease? what will an EMG show them? My Neuro says something is flaring up my neuro system, it could have been the crestor I took a few months ago with bad reaction. Is there a way to minimize these symptoms without pills? I just wanna feel normal again and nothing is helping. All my strength tests and reflex tests came back normal, but noone can tell me or fix my dizziness. It is getting harder and harder to even make it through a day at work feeling as if i have had a few drinks all the time.

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