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I have posted here before so I will try to make it short. I had my first MRI yesterday, brain and brain stem, with and w/o contrast. The tech told me that the MRI may not give evidence that I have MS, I told him that is why I was having it. Is this true? Can they diganose MS , if the LB or spine MRI shows nothing? Can the doctor diagnose MS purely on symptoms?

I have had these weird flare up , episodes for over 10 years , I am 42 now. I was told it was fibromyalgia and just delt with it. But my friends fibro pain were never like mine. My horrible flare ups would be on one side of body only, starting down in my foot and going up my right side into my eye socket. It wasnt like feeling the flue symptoms it was like a whole right side body migraine. I have had true migraines and I know how they feel.. a shot of demereol and phenergan is all that would work.

So a few years ago more sypmtoms started and these are what made me look into possible misdiagnoises of Fibromyalgia.

Only right side pain.. it spreads, travels.
Horrible muscle pain , spasm you can see , as well as feel
Horrible eyeball, socket pain, seems like my eyes is droopy even
My speech is slured at times,
thoughts and words are hard to put together, I have to think hard and then words dont come out normal

The scariest is this one....I feel I can not swallow, I feel I cant even make my own spit go down, I feel I am going to choak and any given week I do choak on my drink or food , I never used to do that.

I have so much numbness......I burned my arm really bad, because I didnt pull it away from hot lid fast enought.

I have a total loss of feeling of my skin on my left ankle and top of left foot, it has been like that for 2 months, no feeling at all, and not getting better.

I have had numbness in my vaginal area,,, my bladder has leaked much more lately .

This is just a bit of why I think I have MS.

This doctor I am seeing is the first one to really listen to me and agrees it should like MS.

Again.. will they diagnose me on symptoms if the test come back showing no lesions?

Thanks so much for your time , Dede

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