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I've had some strange symptoms that resemble those of MS, but the doctors aren't sure yet what's going on. It started about 3 months ago when I woke up with vertigo- the room was spinning around me. I now get vertigo when my head is in certain positions, and I also feel a tingling in the back of my head when this happens. I also feel dizzy and off-balance for most of the time. I went through a period of 3 days where I was walking around like I was drunk- like I was looking at things through a shaky camera (ukguy on this message board explained it very well). I was extremely fatigued and my thoughts were not organized. This drunk feeling eventually subsided although the fatigue has remained and my short term memory is terrible. I have also had some other symptoms like my pinky finger and palm felt a little numb, I had a "cloudy spot" in my left eye, pain in the back of my eye and the back of my head. These all occurred separately and weren't on-going. The doctor ruled out any problems with my inner ear, and I had an MRI but the neurologist said it was clean. He wants to do an Evoked Potential test and then possibly a spinal tap, and do another MRI in a couple months. My question is, has anyone had these symptoms and a normal MRI but then was dx'd with MS later?? Please help!

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