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Hi there. Let me tell you about MRI's. First off, if you have a history of panic attacks, you should think about being lightly sedated. I was for my 2nd MRI, and it made ALL the difference.
You will be asked to remove any clothing with metal in it. I would recommend wearing comfy sweats and warm socks (it is usually very cold in the room) Then they put you on the machine (laying on your back) and you have a very large plastic protector placed over your head (like a helmet) You may ask for a mirror so that you can see out of the tunnel (it helps!) You should be given some sort of ear plugs to protect your ears- the testing is either loud or annoying (or both!) You should be given clear instructions and times of the test. You will be told to not move at all. The person giving the test will know exactly how long each portion of the test will take, so they should be able to tell you how long each section will last (for example, one 22 minute test, one 15 minutes test, and so on) They may move you up and down on a little belt to positon you correctly.
After that set of tests is done, you may or may not need an injection of dye (your doctor should have ordered the contrast to get the best possible results). They inject you with a contrast solution, and do the tests over again. With contrast, the test takes about an hour. My MS symptoms were exactly like yours, so I'm assuming that your doctor will order an MRI similar to mine.

The best thing is to relax. Like I said before, have your doctor prescribe something to get thru it (and have someone drive you there and back)

good luck and let us know how it went!

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