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Multiple sclerosis
May 22, 2001
Can anyone tell me how those of y'all were diagnosed with MS. I saw the head of the Neurology department and also an intern, they did o9ral, memory and a preliminary visual testing and they said that I had MS, but they needed to do further testing to be sure. I had an evoked potential that showed that I have MS, but when they did the MRI, my doctor said that it showed I don't. I have all the symptoms of having MS, like the vision problems, the pain, the weakness in the extremities. I had an EMG/NCV study. I know for a fact, that I would not have passed this study, as I did not feel or had any response to the test at first, the tech turned the thing up so high that it left bruises on me on the inside of my arms and also on the inside of my legs by the knee area. Balance problems, memory problems such as drawing blanks when I am trying to type a letter, or in conversation. I also have Arachnoiditis which is a nerve disease of the spinal cord that also affects the auto-immune system and the central nervous system. I take neuro medicine, pain medication which does not affect me at all, I mean as far as making me sleepy and groggy. I take 120 mgs of morphine and 120 mgs of Tylenol #3 a day. It is not helping with the pain anymore. My legs are so bad, as well as, my neck, rotator cuff syndrome in my left arm, pain in my hands and fingers, tightness and drawing around the thoracic area, burning and pain in the lumbar area, buttocks and tailbone pain, both hips, and thigh, knees, ankles and feet and toe pain, burning bad on the tops of my feet. I have dizzy spells when I am up and about. I also have them when I lie down on the back of my head, everything starts spinning and I have to move my head back and forth for it to stop. It makes me sick to my stomach also. I also have a noise in my right ear, of which I have been tested with a hearing test, a arteriogram, a vascular ultrasound, MRI's, etc. they said that as far as the noise in my ear that they cannot find a cause. I am concerned that I do have MS and am not on the right kind of medicine. I also should say, that my eyesight keeps coming and going, by this I mean that things get blurry for a couple of minutes then it comes back. If I rub my eyes to get rid of it, it hurts. I also have periods of my eyes going out and I see things like looking through red and green cellophane that lasts for about 15 minutes. I also see things at times, like white specks and zig zag lines in black and white. I would also like to menton, that my body has become so sensitive, like when I get an itch, it hurts to scratch it. My body temperatures have certainly changed, like I can't stand to be cold, I get that way easy and either I am freezing or I am sweating real bad. I live in the south and right now, it is fairly warm temperatures, not hot, but comfortable. I use the air and fan, but have to turn them off because I just freeze. I used to love to take very hot showers, but now I can't the hot, hot water bothers me and it also hurts my body. I would just like to know if any of y'all experience any of the above things that I mentioned.

I alsowas wondering if any of y'all went through difficulty when trying to be diagnosed with this disease.

thanks for all your help.

Kat Stevenson

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