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I am now so stressed about work, and the
endless struggles to get even minor
accommodation, that I can't walk, tonight.
Can barely think, and may take leave without
pay tomorrow.

I guess I am going to have to get a lawyer
to enforce the letters from my doctor.

I have no ventilation in my office, and
this was actually a pre-diagnosis issue.
They found the ductwork doesn't connect
to my vents in my office area, in 1999.
They were supposed to correct the problem, not just for me, but because it needed to be
fixed properly for the way our office is
laid out -- a general maintenance/repair thing.
Two years/two months I've been waiting for them to move ductwork about 3 feet, over to my vents.
This was NOT an illness thing, it was
a building problem
Today, I asked again (I ask about every
6 months, trying not to "bother" them) and I'm now being told I now have to write a formal letter to request this!
They are using this as
a battle. I am exhausted, sick, and
stressed to the point of just wanting
to scream in everyone's face at work.
It's always "wait one more month, get
one more letter... etc etc etc"

And again -- all the carpal tunnel people
are catered to, and fussed over, get
anything they want. If people are too cold,
the boss worries endlessly trying to pacify
them. Oh, but if I'm hot, they just look
blankly at me.

some idiot I had told of my illness
was taken aback when I said I gave him
an article to read. He said "this is
multiple sclerosis!" and I said "YES, that's
what i told you about" and he said "I didn't
know that's what MS meant..."

sheesh, see what I have to put up with?
and I work in higher education!!

I can't believe I'm actually going to
have to take off, again. I called a lawyer
who will charge me $75 to write a letter
requesting they ventilate properly.

I struggle so hard each day, just to make
it there, and put on cosmetics and appear
"well", even when my feet are numb, my
head is wobbling, and I can barely lift
my legs, much less see what I'm doing without
covering my blind eye. I've covered the
impairment too well, I guess. I am going
to have to stay home when I feel ill, and
do without pay (after I use my 20 hrs a month) and completely bankrupt myself, in
order to get the damn message across.

Really at the end of my rope, tonight. My
eye fades out with anger and stress, and
my legs become nearly useless. I'm a stumbling, fumbling spastic idiot tonight.


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