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I could sure use some advise from those of you who maybe had a hard time getting diagnosed, or from those of you who are yet undiagnosed. This might be a long post, hope that's ok.

I am a 39 year old female, mother of 3 boys, busy business owner.

8 years ago I had sudden onset virtigo, and was hospitalized. While in the hospital I developed numbness in my left 5th digit. All resolved in about 4-5 weeks. Was told they didn't know what was wrong.

8 months later, following the birth of my son, I developed, right hand incoordination, speech difficulty, trouble concentrating, left eyeball pain. Was referred to neuro. Everything again resolved in about 6 weeks. Noone called from the doctors office so I assumed my neuro exam was normal and went on with life.

7 years go by, I am the picture of health, start a busy career, yadayada, and boom! December 2000 I develop sudden onset of debilitating fatigue, severe leg weakness, incoordination of left hand, sharp electric shock pains in various places, muscle twitching. (By now I am suspicious of MS and head off to GP) My Doctor prescribes Lithium. Yup lithium! You know the drug for manic depressives?? Needless to say I didn't take it. I asked to be referred to a nuero. He said we would do bloodwork first.

Bloodwork came back fine. Meanwhile all symptoms resolved. Doctor said he suspected a virus. I asked to have copies of my neuro report from 7 years ago. Needless to say the Neuro said he found some abnormalities which "raises the possibility of CNS demylenation". (MS?)

My Doctor tells me he doesn't think it is MS and it is probably a virus. He refers me to an Internal medicine guy(2 months later)

Meanwhile symptoms come back, some old a few new (pain moving eyeball, light sensativity, numbness in 4th/5th left digits and burning sensations.)they resolved in 1 week, just in time for me to see the Internest.

With a minimal 3 minute exam and a few questions, the internes tells me he doesn't think it is MS.

I left feeling like he surly had been talking to my GP and they together decided that I WANT MS! So better tell me they don't thinkI have it.

I have missed almost 2 months of work since Dec., am the sole wage earner in my family. I don't want MS. But I know something is wrong. I had to insist on an MRI of the brain and spine. Now I'll have to wait many more months for that.

So, question is, does anyone here think my symptoms are suggestive of RRMS. I do. Or am I loosing my mind and should run out and buy some Lithium?

Anyone else here get the run around from their Doctors before being diagnosed? What did you do.

Any help or suggestions would be so appreciated.


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