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Re: MS Related?
Dec 31, 2009
Just1- I wish I could send you the biggest virtual hug ever!! :bouncing: (instead I send you a bounce!) You poor thing. In the past month, you have posted continuously about things which you are either worried about, or are taking you to the doctors for check ups.

Can I be completely honest? If its MS- youre going to have to learn to roll with some of this and let it come and go- as most things MS do...however, Im not making light of your stomache problems. It does sound like it could be Gerd- and yes, it can cause what you are describing...however, stomache and constipation problems are a huge part of MS- and if thats all it turns out to be, you are going to experience this now and then.

In fact, almost all of your aches and pains could very well be random MS things...but then again, one of the biggest mistakes new MSers make, is to think that EVERYTHING is MS- and they dont realize that just like "normal, healthy people" we also get sore throats, flus and common colds! We also get indigestion, constipation and muscle aches! MS doesnt cause them, it just makes us more prone to them because of our already compromised immune systems.

Just 1- I just feel so badly for you. Youve had a rough couple of months...please do go see the GI doc and make sure its nothing serious, and let us know what he says...and in the meantime, hang in there. As you get more and more used to this disease, youll start to realize that its not as life changing as it appears at this time.

Big hugs, and try to have a happy, healthy new year.

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