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Dec 31, 2009
Hello, I am 48 years old. About 2-3 months ago, I started out with numbness on right side of body from my face down my whole right side . I went to er a couple of times and they did a ct scan of the brain. It came back normal. I was discharged they were saying a dx of a possible tia.

They said I was to have a echo & carotid doppler . I had those tests the next day and also had a tee, all came back good with my heart.

I then went and saw a neuro dr. who gave me a milllion tests which consists of a mri of the head which showed more interval increase in scattered punctate foci of high t2flair signal lesions involving the bilateral frontal and parietal subcotical white matter non specific. They also did a mri of the neck and spine and lumbar & thoraic and also a mra which showed some some degenerative disc disease & bulging and also some disc narrowing , but the doctor doesnt say that it has anything to do with whats going on. I also had a transcranial doppler which showed increased blood flow to the brain . I had evoked testing which came back okay. Then had a eeg which came back abnormal but nothing leading to this .

They thought maybe silent seizures. I also had loads of blood work which showed abnormal hypercoagulation which saids my blood is thick and i am at risk for blood clots but never had 1. They also did the baer evoked testing on me which came back good except on my leg. Which Doctor explains as the feeling takes a slower process to go to the brain.

Meanwhile I still keep getting that strange feeling in my face on the right side which feels sometimes like numbness and sometimes just a feeling thats there.
My dr wants to do a lumbar puncture for ms, but I dont want it.
I went for 2nd opinion the other day they do not feel its necessary that if i have ms due to my age said this would be the extent of it it would not progress. ALso he said that most people do not just get it at age 48. I should then continue my baby aspirin. He gave me a b12 shot that did nothing.

Also now I am getting panic attacks due to this and it is starting to get worse . Cant do this want to get to the bottom of this and feel better. I sometimes still feel it has something to do with my neck , next stop spine doctors at the end of jan. I dont want spinal tap. It seems more drs. are saying more likely than not that i have ms. The Doctor seemed to tell the Lumbar would tell if I had Ms.

The only other sympon I get is dizzy spells about 3-4 times a week that may last just a minute or so. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on what could be wrong that the drs may not be checking for. Thanks

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