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[quote]Originally posted by fatcat:
[b]Hi to all,, I first began to post in BACK problems, as that is what I believed I was experiencing, so you may have read some of this.
I have had lower back problems periodically for the past 10 years or so as do most women.I am strong and can do so I do more than I should.
Last 5 years I have been to chiropractors, and told I have mild sciatica and facet syndrome. I just watch how I move and how I lift.
Two weeks prior to 6-30-01 I experienced the low back pain and took life easy. On June 30, I was stooping to look at merchandise on a low shelf and when I stood up my foot and calf tingled, as when it 'goes to sleep'. Iwalked across the street to my car and the numbness feeling continued up my leg to my waist on my right side.The numb feeling was superficial in that it seemed to only be the skin. I went to the ER and after 2 minutes with a Doc, I was told I had bad sciatic attack, was given Flexerell and Vicodin and my discharge papers. My chiropractor at least took Xrays and blood which showed the sciatica and normal Sed Rate , RA Latex and blood chems and electrolytes, liver enzymes. The numbness has been persistent but at various degrees of severity.
MRI showed the L5S1 problem, degenerative changes in C spine with spondylosis and unremarkable T spine.
Brain MRI showed 12 lesions with one suspicious, but not really typical of MS.
My question is whether this type of numbness and back pain is typical of MS. I thought MS had muscle weakness associated with it.
I have no muscle weakness, no compromised reflexes, EMG was normal, no vision disturbances ( I was at Eye Doc today and he thoroughly checked optic nerve etc,,), no speech difficulties. No lesions appear on my spine MRI's or brain stem. I am very confused. I have not found anyone starting MS with these symptoms. What impressions do some of you have about these symptoms?
Any input is greatly appreciated!
God Bless!

Hi Shell,
First of all, where did you get the idea you have MS? Did the doctor say you have it? Did he suggest it as a possibility?
The numbness you asked about is a very common presenting symptom of MS. No muscle weakness for me, no optic neuritis that I'm aware of, no speech problems, I never had an EMG, and no lesions on my brain stem or spine. I also don't understand what you mean by having a lesion that is suspicious but not really typical of MS. There are many other diseases and conditions that can cause brain lesions.
What tests have you had? Have you had an LP? Did you have an EVP? The only tests I'd had were the brain and spine MRI, the evoked potentials, the bloodwork and the LP. I'm no doctor but it doesn't sound like MS to me. What exactly has your doctor said?

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