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:confused:Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone knows how my symptoms relate to M.S. or another medical condition...any info. is appreciated.Thank you ahead of time for your help...

Here is my story in a nut shell....o.k. a big nut shell...almost 15 years...

Well, about 14 years ago I woke up one morning and 3 fingers were numb but it was a painful numbness if that makes would not go awy do I finally went to E.R..which they found nothing probably slept thing is the pain and numbness were there way too long for sleeping wrong..finally it seemed to go away.
A few years after that I began to get numbness in my hands and fingers...tested for Carpal Tunnel..Nope...this still comes and goes.
About 2 years after that I was in a spot I will not discuss here...maybe just say intimate..anyhow I began getting a pain in my head and face.It was horrible and thought I was dying...I could not move my head or neck in any direction that that pain was not there. nor did I go to the hospital as I figured I moved the wrong way.
A few weeks later I started having this horrible pain in my face..go to Dr.. no answers..ask around no-one I knew has ever experienced it..It was different in so many ways..One time it is a stbbing, shooting pain or a tearing pain or it could feel like the right side of my face is in a vise being squeeze real hard.This is random,I have tried to pinpoint when it will happen,what makes it happen and what makes it stop..there sre no answers for this, it can happen out of no-where. I can be tense or totally relaxed, I can be in a room full of people or totally alone.
It can last an hour or it can last a month.They can be electricflying or just a dull ache that doesn't let up.
I can take pain pills or nothing. put heat on or ice...either way the pain doesn't let up.
I have layed there trying not to touch my face at all and then there are times I have pressed the metal side of a hammer to my face as to create my own pain to try and be in some kind of control of it.
I have been to several Drs. and er trips with no answers, no tests..One night on an er visit about a year ago a dr..on call finally took the time to figure it out and knew and said I had Trigeminal Neuralgia.
There are times I have no problems and then something new will come along...
Random pains in legs and harms like being punched real hard from the inside out, these do not last long..just a punch here or there,
Numbness in fingers, arms and legs.
Trouble walking, Trip over my own feet and fall.
In the las few years I have had trouble with feeling things, what I mean is I can walk from kitchen to get a soda and carry it to the living room to sit and watch t.v. or whatever, but before I can make it from the the kitchen to living room I drop the soda or whatever because my hand goes numb and I can not feel or hold onto what is in my hands.
I have felt to exhausted just to walk around feels like I just ran a marathon.
I forget things..the scariest I have forgotten or whatever it was..
I drove my daughter to the bus stop one morning because it was really cold and snowing bad out,
When she got home from school I was kind of mad at her and I told her why didn't you wake me up to take you to the bus it was bad out today..she looked at me weird and said mom, you did take me to the bus!
I have had a hard time remembering things that have happened recently as well as in the past and have had to ask family you did this or this happen in my past or childhood because its like I don't really know.
I have this feeling of being shocked when I bend my head forward at times.
I have random buzzing and vibration that goes through as well as other parts of my body.
The buzz in my head kind resembles a guitar string that been stretched and let go..know what I mean.. The vibrations are like a cell phone on vibrate kind of.
Stiffness is another problem I have alot in my legs or like frozen legs..go to get up and just can't make it right away..or my legs are stiff and hurting to walk.
I GET that in my arms also at times.
I get heaviness in my arms and legs like they weigh a ton.
Spams and twitches here and there out of nowhere.
About 5 months ago I woke up and my vision was way off and I couldn't see, it wasn't like a total darkness thing though...just wasn't clear if that makes sense?...I was having bad pains in both eyes but my left eyes seemed so much worse, the pain was alot when I moved my eyes and a really bad pain that seemed to stab me right through my eyes to the back of my head.
It was like a blind or gray curtain was pulled over my eyes or like a black screen from screen door and nothing was really clear although I could still see it.
I could not drive, couldn't walk too far without help or carry Grandbaby around.
Went to Hospital did a CT scan and said I had swelling in my eyes.
Nothing more done or said....Could this be the Optic Nueritis they talk about?
Anyhow made another appointment with Doctor this time I finally found a new doctor who would accept my medical insurance
I go see the new guy..he asked my some questions does the exam thing and talks about the TN..I tell him about my eyes and what the ER said about the swelling..he says whos your Neuro and I said don't have one he says you do now and sets me up and is mad that no-one has referred me to one before now.
A month later I am in the Neuro office being checked out, finger to nose, ect. runs a sharp stick thing down my legs and bottom of feet..never felt a thing.Asks me about my headaches that last for a week straight and talks about my eyes and what the E.R. said and does the flashlight thing in my eyes and says how long have you had a lazy eye(left-eye), which I reply never know I had one.
Does a few more things and says I want you to have an MRI I'm going to set it up right now, come back in a month for TN follow-up.
So I call and confirm MRI appt. with Hosp., they say she wants you to have it as soon as possible can you come in at 7:30 the following morning.
So I go to MRI in morning, they do scans for awhile and then inject dye stuff to do more scans.
I have been told MRI should not be painful or cause any kind of sensations so I do not understand this because when I had mine I had sensations going through my body though they were not painful.When it was over I stood up and felt weak like I couldn't walk and was seeing double.
I have probably left alot out of this but you get the picture of something I have gone through over a period of almost 15 years this year.
To bring up to this day..After the MRI.. I have begun to experience more weird things...
for about a week and a half, my eyes started hurting again and it seems the differnet sounds send weird sensations through my body and it is snowy outside and when someone comes in and the carpet gets wet from their feet and I walk across barefoot it seems to feel like the bottom of my feet are burning.
I have had this painful sensation around my lower back and sometimes up to my chest like I can not breath, I have a burning sensation in the top front of my upper legs and horrible Restless legs at night.
My eyes seem to be moving all the time even when I am trying to fall asleep which makes it hard to fall asleep, Though I do not feel this or the TN once I am asleep.
Anyhow just weird, random and sometimes really painful things that come and go with new and old things each time except the TN which always comes and go.
I don't know if anyone has ever had any of these things happen to them...I have been told I have Bi-polar, F ibro and other things like it's your head but really not alot of tests or blood work done.
I am not crazy, I know my body and what it feels or doesn't..
Neuro Nurse called a few weeks ago...Got results back from the MRI...Dr. is tooo book to get you in right now and the Holidays and all..try to have a nice Holiday and try not to worry too mucha nd she will go over results the 25th of Jan. when you come in.
I am scared of what it could be and scared they will once again tell me they found nothing like other things they have done..I reaally hope by finally having an MRI it will shed some light as to what is wrong and I can get treated...

Please help if you have had of these things in my circle of family and friends have had these things happen to them and though they are there for me and supportive I need someone whos been in this to help me and talk to...

Thank you....Hope all will have a Happy New Year!

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