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I have made a couple of posts here since my husband was diagnosed with MS last week. Tonight I witnessed something that terrified me. I was following my husband home when he almost ran a red light and came very close to getting into an accident. When he pulled over he seemed disoriented and did not realize he had almost hit another car, twice! He said his vision was distorted, blurred, and he was seeing double. We left his truck and I drove him home and put him to bed.

I am so confused and scared because I asked the doctor if something like this could suddenly happen and he said no. He said this vision problem could occur but that it would be gradual and would not affect his driving. My husband drives a semi and delivers beer and I do not feel safe letting him go back to work!

I intend on calling the doctor first thing in the morning. I am very worried about optic neuritis. If anyone has had this problem or knows someone who has I could really use some advice, PLEASE!



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