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My experience...
6 weeks after having my first baby I fell down the stairs carrying him...I thought nothing of it I fell on my bum all was well. Two days later I couldn't feel the carpet on my feet, I thought that was odd but figured I pinched a nerve and it would go away.
Three weeks after that I had severe vertigo, and went to my doctor, he gave me some motion sickenss pills that did nothing for me. The vertigo lasted a little over a month. I had gone to the doctor a second time and he reffered me to a nuerologist. I was given some steroids and the vertigo went away.
The nuerologist did an MRI on me, there were lesions found but they had nothing to compare to so he was hesitant to call it MS. They wanted to do a second MRI on me in 6 months to have something to compare to but in the meanwhile I lost my insurance and became uninsurable.
After long battles with insurance agents I finally got HIRSP, WI health insurance risk share plan and was able to have another MRI (2 years later). During that time my legs had a funny dull numbness and tingeling, I had bells palsy, lost some hearing in my left ear, had a terrible bout of heat sensitivity and pain and have had various parts of my body go numb and tingle. Nothing has left me disabled but frustrated! The second MRI confirmed MS, my MRI was done in January 2002, while pregnant with my second child.
I am due April 16! Both my OB and Nuero want to start me on copaxone now but I am looking down the road at the future of my child and afraid what may happen seeing as the drug has not been around that long and no one has voluntarilly taken it during pregnancy. A visiting nurse will be coming to show me how to do it before the baby is delivered and then I will start with the injections right after delivery.
So my story is typical of everyone elses...a long drawn out lonely road.
I was looking at the diets because I will be in the hot seat after delivery for about 6 months so I thought anything I could do to prevent an episode I should try, esspecially having a 2-1/2 year old and a new born. My diet being pregnant is marginal...wheat toast and raisin bran for breakfast, and then I go down hill...chocolate, cheese, white bread. Dinner is usually some veggies and a starch (potato or pasta. The other major food group is ICE CREAM! Just can't get enough, my son was made out of mcdonalds shakes, my daughter dairy queen cones (well I am suppose to be having a girl)
Oh yes, I am 35 years old, and when I was 25 I had a bout with my eye site and arm and at that point I thought I had MS, but didn't pursue it, nothing more had happened until after delivery!
Thank you for listening! Would love to hear from anyone!

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