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Is this MS?? HELP!!
Oct 21, 2002
Hi. I am writing on behalf of my friend who is a 45 yr.old female. Until about 10 months ago, she had been relatively healthy. Now, it's just problems after problems.
At first it started with hot flashes and night sweats. Then she would get really fatigued. Sound like menapause? Keep reading.
About a month later she started having blurred vision. Then she noticed a lot of numbness and tingling in her hands and feet.Loss of coordination and muscle weakness, mainly in the legs have been a big problem. But perhaps the biggest problem of all has been the twitching muscles. At first, it started off as just a simple calf muscle twitch. Then it was the thigh, then the arms. About a couple of weeks after the initial twitch, her body would twitch like a person who has full-blown Parkinsons. It was imbearable.
She has been to doctors, neurologists, and just about every kind of specialist you can think of. She has had several tests, blood tests, nerve conductivity tests, MRI/s etc. and nothing has showed up. She has been diagnosed from having fibromyagia to just stress. We don't think they are right.
This is the kicker. She was so upset one day from having all of these trembling shakes that one day she went to a mutual friend and borrowed one of her estrogen patches. Wouldn't ya know, it stopped the shakes. She went to her OBGYN and had several scripts for these patches written because unless she has these patches on, no lie, within the hour, the severe shakes are back.
Does anyone have an answer or can shed some light on this???? Even the OBGYN said that the problem wasn't hormonal, can't explain it,just write the scripts.
Does it sound like MS?? ANything else anyone can think of would be greatly appreciated.
By the way, MRI showed no sign of brain plaque.(she said this is how you prove MS?)

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