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Hi, I am new to this message board. I am 37 and have 3 children. Seven years ago, when I turned 30, I started having a few strange symptoms, tingling, isolated numbness. I had a brain MRI which came back normal and saw a neurologist who told me I did not have MS. After seven years have gone by, I have vague symptoms which come and go, but the main thing now is left hip pain which at times makes walking difficult and painful. I also feel like I'm off balance sometimes when I'm walking for distance. Two orthopaedic MDs have told me this is hip bursitis. Also sometimes I feel overcome with fatigue but I can still function. Legs feel weak sometimes. All of these symptoms are fairly mild but I always have the worry about MS in the back of my mind.
Should I continue to worry about MS if there aren't any major symptoms just jumping out at me? I feel like I'm 37 and falling apart sometimes. Any replies are appreciated. Thanks!

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