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MS Diagnosis
Nov 23, 2002
Had brain MRI which was normal. MRI of lower Lumber spine showed some arthritis. Syptoms: Chronic fatigue which has lasted more than 2 years. General feeling of being ill - flu like symptoms with no fever, cough. Numbness and tingling in both hands with tremors. Right had tremors more. Numbness and tingling in legs (sensation of swelling or tightness around both legs below the knees). Headache that never goes away. However, the intensity changes. Aching eyeballs. Light incontinence and bladder does not empty fully. Have lost the sensation to void. All I have is an aching back when I need to void. Burning pain in lower back and spine. Electric shock like sensation that goes down my right leg into second toe of right foot. Feels like a zing or low level electrical shock. Of late, bowels are becoming more and more loose. Dizziness, feeling that the room is spinning around. This symptom has subsided in the last 30 days or so. Generally unbalanced. Tripping over feet, running into car doors, walls, etc. Can't concentrate. Some short term memory loss. Stiff neck. Right eye twitches constantly. Joints in hands and toes feel like they are bending but when I look at them, they are not. Activity such as exercise, dancing or standing for long periods brings on nausea. Beginning to feel as if I cannot hold myself up (get really tired easily). Must lean my back against a surface if I am sitting up. Does this sound like MS? I have been prescribed vicodin, flexeril, morphine, duragesic, antivert and amitrip-the something. Nuerologist won't order spinal cord MRI or spinal tap. Thinks symptoms are in my head - asked me if someone close to me died recently. PCP is being totally silent. Does anyone have an opinion and suggestion? Just want to know what's going on with me!

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