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I don't know where to begin! In 1999 I had 2 back to back episodes of ON and the optic nerve in my right eye is atrophied now and I have a marcus gunn pupil because of it.
Prior to the ON attacks, my toes on my right foot stayed numb for days, my legs would feel like concrete,my arms would *give out* per say.
My neuro hospitalized me for the last ON attack because I had a right foot drop then and bad spasms in my neck and he started me on IV Solumedrol. I felt better during treatment but afterwards, I felt horrid!
During my hospital stay I had another series of MRI's with contrast on my brain and neck. They were fine. No plaques, no lesions, etc. Nothing. Neuro said with documented symptoms plus the ON, it was possible I had mild/benign MS.
Symptoms got better after awhile. In 2000 I had another MRI and also an MRA done because my dad had just died of a brain aneursym so they wanted to rule out anything like that in me as well. The scans were fine.
I was feeling ok up until recently. Before thanksgiving I started getting a pressure like feeling in my head. It gradually got better.
I'm still having bad headaches though. I go to bed with it, wake up with it. I can't even touch my forhead without it hurting. It's more of a face ache than a headache but I get sharp shooting pain in my head and *hot spots* in my head sometimes. All of a sudden I'll get a rush of warmth and hot spot in the back of my head and it'll go away. I'll get the same feelings in my legs sometimes as well. I'm starting to get weird feelings around my mouth on the right side. It isn't a numbness or anything and my face isn't drooping. Nothing like that. It's just a weird sensation for lack of a better word!
I'm getting transient eye pain again. Sometimes for a brief moment it'll feel like glass is stuck up under my right eye lid but no acute loss of vision or color changes like I had with the 2 bouts of ON but my vision is worse in my right eye anyways now.
I get more odd feelings than I can possibly list. I'm sort of afraid.
I go back to him next week and not looking forward to it! He's a great neuro, friendly and talkative but he makes me nervous when he looks in my eyes etc. I get nervous when I do the neuro exam. Don't ask why, I just do!
I really don't feel good, I don't know what's up and I'm just freaking out.
He said since I was possible MS that in time I may get a definate diagnosis since I have so many clinical symptoms.
I was fine before thanksgiving. Working, doing just fine and then it hit out of the blue and I can't bounce back.
In July he diagosed me with trigeminal neuralgia. I'm on Neurontin for that. Couldn't take tegretol. It made me ill. Plus the Neurontin helps my other symptoms to a certain degree.
I'm petrified to have another MRI series. What if they find something?
With all the clinical symptoms worsening I'm pretty sure he'll order another MRI series on me and I'm scared. Not of the test, just the results if that makes sense.
I'm nauseated around the clock but never actually vomit.
I only want to feel like myself again but my own body won't let me right now.
Does any of this make sense? I don't know what to think right now.
Have any of you gone thru this before prior to final diagnoses?
I panic when the twinges of sharp,lancing pain hit. I never know when it's coming and when it's going to leave!
Sorry this is so long. Just needed to talk about it. Thanks for listening!

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