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I was diagnosed 2 years ago with MS. It was a really frustrating process. I went through JOB after job and couldnt figure out WHY!!!
The funny thing is...I thought I was doing good. Yet every time I was pulled into the office and let go..they said the same thing!! "You arent catching on fast enough"
I began to think that there was a cospiracy going on and everyone was out to get me.
I only then started realizing "WAIT a second...something IS wrong with me!! "
It started when I was actually off work looking for a job. I would go in for interviews and not be able to talk right. My tongue would jump and noise would accompany that tongue movement that I DIDNT put there.
I would suffer from headaches and pain behind my eyes all day for days straight with no relief from any pain meds. I was given Vicodin by the emergency room for a continuing headache because they couldnt decide what was wrong.
I know that I am rambling but thats how confused and scared I started to feel when I started to realze something wasnt right.
So...I went to MANY doctors but had no insurance so of coarse I dont feel that I was taken seriously. Until one day ( A year into my troubles ) I went to A doctor who REALLY listened to me. I told him all my troubles....
-Sharp pains in my head accompanied by flashes of dizziness
-my tongue spazming out of control
-pain behind my eyes
-Sooo tired all the time
-muscle spasms that where rediculouse at times

Thats all it took....he said...I do believe you have Multiple Sclerosis.
I was in shock...But I had looked up what I was experiancing and thats always what came up...MS!
So he sent me to a Neourologist and an MRI was done. That showed 1 lesion.
So when I was called into the office for the results I was told that the lesion may have been caused by a fall when I was a baby ( I had fallen in a walker down a flight of stairs and had a bad head injury ) anyway..the doctor said that it may just be scar in my head. He didnt want to do a spinal tap as he said that it would be was up to I said Ill wait.
He made an appointment for a year later and I had my second MRI...which turned up 5 lesions.
at this point he asked me to go for a spinal tap....two weeks later the results showed that I in fact DID have MS.
So now two years later I am on 44 mcg of Rebif and I am still kinda scared because it seems I am getting worse.
I now have so many muscles spazming all over my body all day.
I cant look in a mirror because it looks like steam rising from the road on a hot day.
I have a hard time looking down sometimes because of this same affect...blurry....wobbly kinda vision.
I eat and by the time I am done my mouth,throat,lips and tongue are numb.
If I talk for long periods of time on the phone it goes numb also.
I get pain through my legs and arms somedays so bad that it feels like they are broken.and it stays with that same dull ache for hours at a clip.
My left arm and hand just buzz all the time.
I have difficulty breathing at night when I lay down.
I cant concentrate and I cant remember even the most simple things!!
I will sit for minutes just blank...because I lose track of myself and what I was doing. I cant remember anything!
When I wash dishes or cut my boyfriends hair I feel like electric shocks are going through my fingers...but only when I bump them in a certain spot.
My feet get icey cold and then they burn almost immediately after the cold.
I was told that once I started my rebif that It would make it so it would not get worse....and yet here I am....worse. I was just wondering...does this mean that the rebif isnt working?
Do I possibly have a different form of MS?? Maybe I need something stronger?
I have my next appointment on the 25th. I havent seen my doctor in a year because I dont have insurance and I have HUGE hospital bills!!
Can some of you please tell me some of your experiances with MS??
Thank you,

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