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Hi. I am a 38 year old female with similar symptoms. Five months ago I had a child (third living). I have a history of anxiety attacks. I too have had the feeling in my throat for quite some time. Doctors have always said that this feeling is probably tension or anxiety related. I don't know. I also wonder if it could have something to do with my stomach. Recently, I started having problems with numbness in my extremities, i.e. it wouldn't take much pressure to make an arm, hand, or foot etc. "fall asleep". It happens mostly at night. I also have a "buzzing" sensation in my spine and sometimes head or arms. It is a kind of vibration. I saw a neurologist and had an MRI of the brain and neck. The doctor suspected either a neck problem or Multiple Sclerosis. The MRI's were basically normal except for a couple of slightly bulging discs in my neck. The doctor finds it puzzling that these slight problems in my neck could be causing my symptoms but because I have no lesions in the brain, has decided it must be my problem. Over the years my anxiety problems seem to go in cycles of intensity and even now I have some days that are better than others with these new problems. I have had days where I felt like my arms just gave out and I felt incredibly tired. From what I have read, this COULD be symptom of MS (or probably of many other things too). I also know from experience, anxiety can show itself in many ways. There are many anti-depressants, (Zoloft for example) which can help with anxiety and I am thinking of going on one (again) to see if it helps me. If it does, voila. Having three kids is tough. I also do the accounting and administration for our business which is really too much. Lifestyle changes are probably a good idea for me and maybe you to. Hope this helped. God Bless.

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