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question for everyone,

i've had a zillion symptoms, as far as MS could go, i had a brain mri which found

"2 small subcentimeter foci of increased proton density, t2, and FLAIR signal in the left centrum semiovale; demonstrating NO corresponding t1 signal abnormalities nor evidence of contrast enhancement and are compatible with non-specific gliosis or demyelination...also deviated nasal septum towards right."

does anyone know what that means? I have had one follow up MRI 3 months later, the unofficial word is that the spots were exactly the same.

Failed visual test. Normal hearing and sensory evoked potentials. all blood tests normal as well.

Dr. wanted me to originally wait 6 months for 2nd mri. Will not to any further tests, said no reason for spinal tap or any other test.

Some symptoms did disappear again during that 3 month period as well.

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