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21 year old male
Mar 27, 2003

I am a 21 year old male. Used to be a fine athlete, always in great shape, no problems. I have had so many symptoms within the last 2-3 years and I'm stuck for answers. Symptoms on and off for last couple of years. Always overlooked until they got much worse. Now i'm worried.

Indigestion went on for years and led to bad heart burn. Had severe stomach cramps twice, went to hospital. CT of stomach showed few 1.5cm lymph nodes, nothing done. referred to gastro doc

Stomach worsened, began throwing up everything i ate or drank, including water. Stomach would bloat, and severe chest pains.

colonoscopy ordered., large lymph nodes but ok.

2nd CT of stomach showed large lymph nodes, and probable ulcerative collitis. But cleared of that from initial colonoscopy 2 months before.

Then Diagnosed with gastritis and severe acid reflux. prescribed prevacid, stomach still bloats and uncomfortable, but i don't throw up.

other symptoms overlooked but worsened over last 4 years. some On and off...others lasting. Keep in mind that i was still in good shape at 19/20 years old and still active.

Severe fatigue 24/7,
memory loss
trouble finding words, forget conversations, names
out of breath upon climbing stairs,
permanent sore throat
fluid from areola around both nipples - only when
palpated, flabbiness of skin around nipples and
retraction on one side only in morning. Has been
going on for 4 years. Dr.s won't test fluid, say
it's normal after classic 1 visit lasting 2 mins.

tingling, burning numbness in arms, hands, feet.
very cold most of time, leads to burning hands and
very dry skin, extremely itchy 24/7.
odd pains and aches all over body.
Tiring just walking or doing trivial things.
blurred vision - also unknown pigment found behind
right eye many years ago. found in eye test,
specialist new nothing.
aches in neck and lower back constantly, sometimes
shoulders specifically. Should note that i did
suffer clay shovellers fracture 7 yrs ago.
fractured c7 vertebrae. supposedly stable
many twitches in very small muscles on body.
jerky eye movements constantly....

rashes on and off - around hips and armpits. dot
sized and extremely itchy - like tic bites -but not

UTI's - 3 in one month (6 months ago) - thought stds - tested twice - negative. none since

SEX - Since i first had sex at 17, i have Always lasted forever, with or without condom. I go for hours every time, and either have some trouble getting aroused, trouble staying aroused, or i have to try extremely hard to orgasm, many times not at all

Stool - I must take a shower after going to the bathroom every time. Stool is always mushy for years, slight incontinence. I use ridiculous amounts of toilet paper every time..if I dont' shower, a rash develops.

Urinating - sometimes hesitancy, sometimes very frequent, mostly - slight dribble about 2 mins after I go, or need to go again for a couple drops.

mri of brain, 2 subcentimeter lesions demyelination
2nd mri 3months later, same lesions.

evoked potentials - visual - failed...could not concentrate at all at the dot on television screen,
hearing and sensory OK

all bloodwork comes back normal, including hormonal, hiv
urine tests always abnormal, only thing i see though
is that it says "abnormal, cloudy" every time

Neurologist, along with every other doctor, saw me for 2 mins, said i was fine, probably depressed, took my money and that was that. Dr said no other tests needed
I never before worried about my health, but looking back at all this - i do now. I don't care of anything is diagnosed or not, i just want to wake up so that i can do things. My only two major problems as i see it are that I want to be less tired and have a healthy stomach.
Please respond with any info, similar experiences or advice.

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