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I am not an expert on MS (and hope never to be) but I will outline the symptoms I have which sound similar to yours. I have tingling and pins and needles sensations in both hands and feet. My arms and legs sometimes do not feel like they are mine and feel weak. I also have a cold dort of a sensation through my arm and leg at times.

The thing I am really worried about is a patch of burning/sensitivity on my scalp. I have asked for a mri with no sucess so far, but I really need to find out what this sensation is about. I am predisposed to MS as I sufferred neuralgia when I was 21years old and I also have symptoms for a number of other autoimmune diseases, which I am trying to get diagnosed for. I feel totally exhausted even after 9 hours of sleep and that feeling lasts pretty much all day.

Have you seen a neurologist yet? Where are you at with tests etc? Good luck

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