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Thanks for the input from everyone. It IS frustrating.

I am actually feeling a wee bit better right now physically. Still extremely tired though. My vision blurred a lot today for awhile, I had to stick my finger in my eyes to make sure I really DID put my contact lenses in this morning.

The MRI I had done was "unenhanced." What it said was

"ventricles appear normal in size. No focal areas of abnormal signal intensity are seen involving the brain. No underlying hemorrhage or mass effect is evident. Artifact is noted and adjacent to the eyes suggesting possible ferromagnetic makeup. Perivascular spaces are noted in the basal ganglia. On coronal image #12, there is a suggestion of a fenestration of the caudal basilar artery. No underlying posterior masses or skull base lesions are identified.

Impression: Essentially negative MRI of the head. Possible fenestration of the basilar artery."

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