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Ms symptoms?
May 13, 2003
Hi! I finally decided to post this question. I have been having a weird set of symptoms since the beginning of March. It all started one weekend when we had to rush our baby to the ER because she spiked a 103 temp. I had gone to bed that night at about 10-11pm and she was up at 1am screaming. We went to the hosp and didn't leave until 7am (she was fine). I didn't get any sleep until about 8-9pm that night. She has just now in the last few weeks started sleeping through the night. I also have a 3 year old who doesn't nap at all and is very active. I stay-at-home, but am type A personality and very worried right now about bills (esp medical). Anyway, I was wondering if my symptoms and when/how they started sound like ms or something else. I have had a MRI to rule out a syrinix (I had decompression surgery 2 years ago) and the MRI showed nothing--everything lookes fine. These symptoms come and go--sometimes they all occur together and other times only one or 2--
1. Pain in the legs--usually starts in the knees and spreads to calves--feels like it's in the bones
2. Severe pain in the bottom of my feet--it feels like I've been on them all day except I'll wake up with this feeling. It fels like they need a great massage
3. Muscles ache and burn like I've been working out--esp the muscle in the top of my right arm (I'm right handed). This pain will cause my hand to shake a little when I'm trying to feed my baby
4. Feeling of burning thorugh my back and face--like I have a sunburn
5. Cold spot in arms that come and go
6. Tingling
7. itching
8. Eye pain every now and then--especially when I'm staring at something
9. Sometimes the tingling and cold spots will happen in one arm and other times it will occur at the same time
10. Sometimes when I sit for a while the back of my thighs will start aching and it will spread to my legs
11. Feeling of nervousness in arms and legs--you nkow how when you're really upset or nervous it feels like your shaking/cold--and sometimes I will get shortness of breath with that.

I go to see my neurologist in a couple of weeks, but I kind of wanted to have an idea of maybe what was going on. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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