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Thank you so much for your msg, it looks like ive got it, MS hug, but i also suffer from a very bad scoliosis, so theres many things participating in that, stress maybe as well. My GP did not know what it was, when i described my problems, had Xray done, so ill see what shes gona suggest at her next visit. It is a very umcomfortable and annoying stuff, and i hope it will be gone soon, otherwise ill go mad, also my hands are numb, specially left one, the fingertips. Ive been trying to do my research online, but couldnt find much about that. It sounds scarry, coz i dont have MS, i dont have chest pain like some people describe, just that terrbile tightness around my body and numbness in hand and legs when i walk. So lets see, im gona study MS hug now, thanks a lot.

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