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Jan 22, 2010

Last Friday I've got a mild dizzy bout during a meal, which was followed by some clumsiness on my right hand.

I didn't took it seriously because I have Inner Ear issues(Right Inner Ear Weakness is my DX), and also because I powered up my daily workout which I started this year, and which consists of 25 minutes on the elliptical bicycle, followed by some 5-7 minutes walking and some final push ups.

I drove home feeling uneasy and unsteady, again nothing new with my inner ear stuff, and I felt better from that. But after some 45 minutes standing up, I felt that my right arm, from my hand up to my elbow, was tingling on touch. Not like when you sleep over your arm and it's numb, it was more like a tingling. I could feel this sensation when I touch or rub the zone.

This was a localized sensation, neither my face nor my leg seemed affected. I did felt a little bit tired and dazed, so I went to sleep.

Next morning I didn't felt the tingling so much but instead some weakness and clumsiness, that I noticed while I was taking a shower and then as I was using a head dryer.

This was again very localized on my right arm, but with an extra symptom which felt like a little weakness in my right leg, exactly when I felt this on my arm(specially when I used the dryer). I also felt some sparse tingling over my arm, in my face and leg, but much more milder, not so clear, and not constant.

Almost all of my symptoms are felt in bouts(episodes), which are both spontaneous, but mostly noticeable with the use/motion of my arm or body. This bouts are more noticeable in the morning, when I wake up.

I have to say that the weakness seems to be quite relative as I wrestle both my arms, and they feel equally strong, or with little difference between then whatsoever, same thng goes for my legs.

This weakness felt more when I carried stuff, or squeezed things with my right hand, but it has receded a lot. Nevertheless I still feel some tingling specially when I woke up, some days(like today) it felt like a mild electrical impulse both on my leg and arm.

I've been waking up like clock work at 7 AM, and keeping up my workout almost daily(with no special trouble enduring it), but I did feel this stuff again, milder, and specially when I wake up. Three days now I've felt a little heat sweating and as I roll I feel generally uncomfortable, "weird", like id I don't feel right lying down in bed.

I also felt some localized aches in my head, again never too strong to take special notice, still I'm on a full week now with daily symptoms.

They come and go, and as I've said, are specially noticeable in the morning, mostly the tingling which I ocassionally feel on my other side(right) too, and in some parts of my face(very mild in tiny spots), much less the weakness and mental fogginess, but I still feel a little "weird".

Finally, I noticed that this days I woke up with my throat and mouth completely dry, where I believe I'm breathing through my mouth all night.

This is not new to mee because of my allergic condition, but in the past I woke up coughing, this time I sleep all night until 7 am, and wake up with the dry mouth. This last week specially.

This is why I wanted to ask to the more experienced people in here for advice on this matter. On my background: My father had a brain stroke, I do and my family has a large history with circulatory problems, none with MS tough. Obviously TIA has crossed my mind too, but I've read that those symptoms are sudden, stronger, and they don't usually come in bouts.

I'm a 40 yr old male, with no prior trouble with this, I went to a cardiologist(friend of the family), for a check up(ECG included), and I came up fine. Blood tests almost normal with high cholesterol levels(first time ever for me) but the doc didn't gave me medication, just diet.

My BP is mostly in range with some 140/90 peaks here and there. Teen migraineur, today I just have a migraine episode once a year or less.

My only two chronic conditions are allergies(all my life), and the inner ear stuff since 2006. I do have to add that I've been under a lot of stress lately and I'm not in the most relaxed people list by a long shot.

I don't have a lot of money and with no medical insurance, I have to wait months with the social security for an specialist appointment, or pay for one just if it's necessary.

So that's why I'm looking first for advice, and I thank you a lot for it in advance.



Stress is way up both before(laboral issues), and specially since Friday...

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