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[B]I[/B] just went to pain management today and my doc said that he would definitely recommend and perform the surgery to implant a baclofen pump as well as put some narcotic pain medication in the pump. I have Multiple Sclerosis and am on Rebif (interferon beta-1a), I have severe upper back pain and [U]severe[/U] leg pain. I have spasms that effect me so much that only one that shares this disability could understand. I am only 28 yrs old. I also have 48XXXY Klinefelter's syndrome. I am on 40mg oral baclofen and 100mcg/hour fentynal patchs. Just how effective is this pump going to be as far as pain levels? Also, will I have some contraption sticking out my side or abdomen? Before I was in pain I was a avid golfer...will I be able to return to this activity? What kind of opiod pain medication is any have you had mixed with the baclofen and im not a drug addict but I would like to know if I will feel any confusion or side effects or pleasure feeling will I get from having the medication delivered directly into my thecal sac? I want to know because I used to be addicted to opiods and I do not want to have any cravings for the pain medication. I do not get any high feeling or whatnot from the fentynal and thats why I like taking it.. I have been on it so long that I have a very high opiod tolerance in fact I am on the fentynal with an off label dose of 48 hour instead of 72 hour due to the tolerance. Please do not jump to conclusions:mad:..the object here is to be able to play outside with my newly adopted 7yr old ...not to lay around the house completely out of it. My doctors know of my past addiction and know about my great turn around. I also have several protruding discs in my C&L spine. As well as annular tears. I would appreciate any genuine feedback.


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