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Re: Supplements
Feb 16, 2010
Honestly Silver, Im not feeling any different. I have been taking these supplements for 3 years, but was taking all sorts of other things, like E, Tumeric, and Probiotics as well. When I had surgery a year ago, I went off everything (many of these supplements thin your blood, especially E and Fish Oils) and when I was cleared to start taking them again, I stopped the Tumeric, stopped the E and stopped the Probiotics...mainly because I didnt feel any different a month after being off any of the supplements.

When I went back on them, I only started the D, the Fish Oil and the Calcium and something called a heart Sterol, which is for Trigycerides, that Ive always taken...I still have numb fingers and hand (that was my original MS symtom which led me to a dx) and they say its permanent nerve damage...but I dont feel any different, I just know that finally, my blood work is normal. It hasnt been normal in a very long time. Im going to stay on my current dosage, just to see if 6 months from now it remains normal. I feel pretty good overall.
Tomororw is MRI day- we'll see what that brings!
Good for you for listening to your chiro...let us know if the D supplements help.

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