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I just turned 23 and I have issues that seemed to just keep coming up and getting worse. My doctor mentioned MS so Im seeking advice. I will try not to make this too long. Over the past year I have had problems with dizzy spells and the doctor I was seeing blamed it on vertigo. I also had the occasional tremmor in my hands but that was just tossed aside. Over the past few months those two symptoms got worse. The tremor seemed to happen all of the time and affects my job because my hands were so unsteady. The dizzy spells would just come at random times. They would only last seconds to minutes but there are also times where I just feel really unstable. There are also times where I feel like Im off balance. Ive also noticed my memory has gotten really bad. Someone can be talking to me and I will understand everything they say but proably wouldnt be able to repeat even most of it. I would just remember bits and pieces. Some things just never cross my mind and it takes something to spark my memory. Someone can show me how to do a simple task and I will feel like I understand but as soon as I try to do it I cant do it. I also have times where I cant see well. It seems like I am squinting more. It seems like when it happens it will be a problem with one eye but the weird thing is the blurry vision will switch eyes. My new doctor also noticed I had nystagmus in my eyes when I follow his finger. Ive also delveloped a new constricting feeling in my forearm. It just feels weird like a band is around my arm or its slightly not there. I have also felt that sensation in my legs. The other problem I have had is tingling in my hand and legs. It doesnt matter what I do I cant get normal sensation to come back. It will last for a while and then when the tingling goes away my arm or leg will hurt for a while. I also have bladder frequecy and have suddenly developed bowel issues (sorry TMI) . I also will get really tired randomly. I even fell asleep driving last month because it was so bad. It just hit so sudden.Sorry I know this is alot of info and I feel like I forgot some but Im just nervous. For some reason my doctor wanted to wait a month for me to come back and possibly be reffered to a neuro or get a MRI. Does this sound like MS? Sometimes the tremors get worse with exercise and it feels like the tremors will move in my legs or neck and head if thats the area Im trying to lift off the mat. Im just nervous. I hate not knowing. Please let me know what you think. If I just knew what this was I feel like I would be able to handle it better.

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