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Possible MS?
Feb 27, 2010
Hello all
I have been experiencing a variety of symptoms for the past three years. I finally decided to go to a neurologist and told him about the symptoms. He did a number of basic tests for balance strength and reflexes. He said that it appeared that I have carpal tunnel in both wrists. I told him that this problem just started and is bothering me allot. The other problem is that my left foot and leg gets cold. When walking I feel like I am walking funny.
He ordered a nerve conduction test which I failed. He ordered an MRI of brain and cervical spine, W/O contrast, which showed spinal stenosis and congenital disk fusion of the c3, c4 disks. The MRI also showed a problem with my sinuses. The MRI didn't show any lesions but the doctor can't explain the feelings in my leg. He said the spine problem would cause problems in my shoulders and neck, but not my leg.
He said because I am a 45 year old male with a clean MRI I can put MS behind me. That 95% of MS shows up W/O contrast and my symptoms could all be a result of anxiety and stress.
I had another MRI of my lower back which is perfect, especially considering I work in construction.
I have become a cyberchondriac but it's hard to accept the diagnosis when so many people emphasize the use of contrast.
Thank you

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