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Optic neuritis??
Feb 27, 2010
Hi everyone,

I havent posted in a very long time, things have been busy. lol

I have had persisitent symptoms although I must admit I have had a very good run this past summer and winter!
Meaning I was symptom free and felt the best I had in years for a period of about 9 months.

Symptoms began again a month and a half ago with numb patches on my back only noticing that when I went to scratch my back and couldnt feel it. :eek:

Weakness, shakiness, vertigo, spasms...all my regular symptoms followed soon after.
Began school February 8th, by the second week I was dragging myself to classes, feeling really shaky weak and terribly exhausted.
Feb 17 my left arm felt weak and heavy and was surprised and embarrased when a classmate remarked that I must be REALLY hungry as my hand was trembling badly (had a calculator in my left hand).
It embarassed me so I made sure to keep my hand laying on the desk so nobody else would see it trembling.
Happened again next day and arm felt overused and exhausted.
Feb 19 was a friday and thats when I got worried, my eyes felt off somehow but couldnt quite put my finger on what was wrong until my last class of the day, English.

Had to read a novel and noticed a smeared spot on the page...wiped the page...nope that wasnt it.......rubbed my right eye.....nope.....rubbed my left eye while still reading with my right.......and my stomach dropped right there.
My right eye had a perfect round blurry spot right in the center of my vision.
Went home and promptly called the eye dr who wanted to see me immediately the morning after although it was a saturday.
Not having enough fuel to go to the next town (nearest eye dr) I made the appt for the thursday following (2 days ago).
The bluriness seemed to have improved but I then the eye pain began, the back of my eye was really sore.
Then I was driving during the evening on wednesday (day before eye appt) when I noticed the yellow yeild sign looked funny.....I could see the bottom seemed to stretch out somehow past where it should have someone smeared the paint somehow.
Made it onto the highway and only then did I notice the headlights of oncoming vehicles looked strange as well.
The lights looked really stretched the shine or illumination exented way out. Looked like how lights sometimes look through a blurry window...the glow looked bigger........and only with my right eye.

As I kept driving I noticed because the interior was dark that I began having these bursts of light in the upper right corner of my right eye....gee I was really worried.

Thursday saw the eye dr....she dilated my eyes then checked me over. Said my eyes looked healthy...asked me all my symptoms....had me look up, down, left, right.......and it hurt!
Then she told me to cover my right eye then held a bottle of eye drops in front of me and asks "what color is this lid?".....hahaha what is this grade 1??....I told her "red of course!"...
Then she got me to cover my left eye and asks again..."what color is the lid?".....GULP!! then I exclaimed..."its orange!...wait no its brown!"
Then I proceeded to panic.....
Asked her what was wrong with my eye....I didnt know my colors were off...freaked out a bit.....she said its ok...dont worry...she sent a leter to my dr immediately, have no idea what it said.

She tells me I more than likely have optic neuritis but wants to do a field test or something like that next thursday.....soonest they can fit me in but if eye gets worse to come right away.
She also said they will more than likely put me on steroids after next eye appt.

At this point the colors are still off....some colors in my left eye are paler yet everything seems dimmer....I dont understand it....and my eye really, really hurts and aches.

I had a problem with the same eye sept of 2008 where they couldnt find a problem....eye dr remarked on that.
The bottom half of my right eye was blurred and the colors paler then as well,that time the "minor" problem lasted 2 months or so, optometrist didnt worry then so I wasnt concerned at all.

Now I am.....

Whats going to happen now I wonder?
Am still undx...
Sorry this is sooo long but WOW my eye hurts and I am really worried.

Any advice?

Thanx to all in advance..

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