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HI new on here-- my partner is the one we think has MS. Her most recent symptom is eyesight. Suddenly blurry vision, worse in one eye and effecting depth perception she has been to the optometrist 2 x and the ophthalmologist once-- ophthalmologist said yesterday there was nothing wrong, that it was simple need of correction in the prescription. But did not explain how eye changes can come on so suddenly. The optometrist saw her 2 weeks ago and then earlier this week and commented that her prescription changed significantly. In two weeks. The Ophthalmologist said that optic nerve inflammation would not cause a problem with the refraction so it would not be that. This sound familiar?

Now we are trying to get a referral to a new ophthalmologist to have a second opinion.

Obviously this is not the only symptom, nerve pain, tremors, twitching, weakness etc. Last time she was at emerg they just gave her enough clonazpam to knock out an elephant --so she would go away. Gotta love the medical system. She’s also bi-polar so that doesn’t do wonders for the credibility according to most docs.

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