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Thank you for your reponse. I will see my Neurologist who specializes in MS next month. Fortunately I had started to keep a list of the "weird" things and I have no problem sharing this with you. Here they are...

Over the years weird things have happened to my body (since my mid 20’s), but like most people, I just shrugged them off and thought to myself, well that was weird.

Old things happening with more frequency

• Burning sensation on the top of my head (only happens in the shower and on the same spot of my head)

• Feeling like I am getting shocked or burnt on various parts of my body, usually midsection side & back

• Breathing funny – it’s like I can’t exhale deep enough

• Vision getting progressively worse ever year

• Twitching under my left eye

• Legs & feet have went numb/tingly from anywhere of a few minutes to hours – longest lasting about a month and a half (that was just over 3 years ago)

• Muscle spasms in my back that would literally freeze me to the spot until the spasms stopped

• I drink a lot of water but don’t have to pee very often and even then it can some times be difficulty (pressure and I can’t empty my bladder completely)

• Tired all the time

Wake up every few hours & stay awake for hour to 3 hours

• Horrible headaches

• Pain all over my body (seriously, from head to toe)

New things

• About 2 or 3 months before I got sick my voice started changing. It would get high and squeaky

• I feel like I’m spinning (constant) and / or feel like I’m rocking back & forth

• When I’m travelling in a vehicle or in a busy place the movement that is happening around me makes me nauseas

• Little balance – if I don’t have a wall, railing or someone to hang onto when walking I veer off all over the place (I look like I’m drunk) and I need to look down at the ground

• Difficulty swallowing (sometimes)

• When I get tired I start slurring

• Difficulty expressing my thoughts or opinions (can’t find the right word to use or use the wrong word completely)

• Shaky & trembley hands

• Trouble reading, my eyes want to jump all over the place or get lost when going to the next sentence

• Loss of fine motor skills in my fingers (more the left than the right)

• More face twitches now on both sides – mostly under my eyes & numbness in my face

• Body twitches and involuntary movement of arms fingers and legs

• Ringing & pressure in both ears – certain tones or noises hurt my ears

• Mental confusion

• Head movement makes the spinning worse

• Very hard to see in the dark, loss of depth perception

• Sometimes it’s like I see shooting stars or am looking through a kaleidoscope

• When walking my legs feel like jelly

• But mostly my muscles feel all tight

• Difficulty staying focused/concentrating

• I forget a lot and have a hard time understanding or following conversations and directions

• Restless legs and when I try to stop I get the “jerks”

• Frequent heartburn

So, ya... what do you think?

Warmest regards,
Kopka Sunset

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