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Bit of an update
Mar 20, 2010
Hi everyone hope you are all doing well. I changed neuro's and saw the new doctor at the begining of March and he seems really on the ball and has ordered lots of tests. He checked the Mri films I had done with contrast and agreed with the radiologist that the high intensisity signal change picked up in the pons and cerebral white matter was not necessarily abnormal and could be inflamatory in someone with a history of optic neuritis, and no spine abnormality was shown. Just minor damage at C5/6 and C6/7. So this sounds like great news. I will be having SSEPS,DSEPS,BSAEP's,VEPs in April and a LP and appointment with a uriologist at some point.

My GP also sent me to the national Throat, ear and nose hospital and the I had my hearing tested which used to be really good around 18 months ago, now my right ear is low normal and my left is borderline deaf. I am having an MRI of my ears on Wednesday, although the ear surgeon having tested my balance, gait and ability to touch the top of her tuning fork and the tip of my nose with my eyes closed thinks it is a central nervous system problem and she thought it was MS, but was perplexed by my normal Brain MRI's. I am seeing her again in July, by which time we should have all the different tests results and conclusion or ideas from the neurologist.

My eyesight continues to slowly improve, as does my vertigo and balance issues, but the strange thing is that extremes of temperature really affects these symtoms. As does physical exertion, or a hot bath or shower.

I have also had some problems with numb patches on my left leg, and get pins and needles a lot in my feet and hands. My neck and left shoulder hurt quite a lot and I get pins and needles and shooting pains in my left arm, left elbow and left hand. Has anyone else had these issues and any ideas on how long all this might go on for. My employer has been very understanding but refuses to let me work until my GP says I am fit for work and my GP won't do this until we get a diagnosis and/or I have recovered my sight and no longer have vertigo and balance issues and this really knocked me back.

I am hoping that as the weather improves so will my symtoms and then I can go back to work. I am doing as much excercise as I can and eating healthly and wondering what else I can do to improve my health.

I am finding it hard to get my head around whats happening to me and wonder if I'm imagining it. I am really lucky that most of my life I have enjoyed excellent health and I keep thinking I will wake up and things will be back to normal. As you can probably tell I am feeling a bit sorry for myself today, I just wish I knew what was wrong with me.:dizzy:

Thats enough wallowing for now, i am going to snap myself out of this low mood by concentrating on the positive things in my life and by having a go on my daughter's WII which always has us both in fits of laughter.

Bye for now.


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