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Witty, youll get some answers. Either the lesions will be present, or they wont. Unfortunately, if the symtoms continue and the lesions ARENT there this time, they might be there in 6 weeks or 6 months. Thats the tough part to swallow. Having Contrast is actually the most important when you are trying to find a dx, because really small lesions wont show up without it. Also having both the brain and Cspine for the same reason.....what hides in one area could be very clear in another.

You have to pay for this and you still dont have any say on what or how it gets done? Thats crazy. Im sorry for you. But, I do think youll get some answers. Personally, im always happy just to know my brain is still there! With my doctorate program, Ive used up more then enough brain cells in the past few really hoping they regenerate.

Youre in my thoughts. Dont forget to ask for a copy of this test WHILE YOU ARE THERE. They have to burn you a CD or give you films...but whatever you do, please dont try to read them yourself. If you get a report, we can help you with key words, but do not, and I mean it- try to play radiologist. It will only hurt you. I counted over 300 white spots on my first MRI, only to learn they were supposed to be there. In reality I still had over 50 lesions The next time around, I saw black spots, which I swore were "black holes" turns out I was right; but only about 2 of them....the rest were shadows on the films or supposed to be there. And dont get me started on the "grey matter". I learned early, dont try to read your films...

just alittle advice from one who knows.
Hugs to you...stay strong.

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