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Hi everyone

WOW what an amazing group of people here. A truly amazing support system!
I have never posted here before and I too am in the diagnostic phase

So far I have some classical symptoms of MS but so far only lesions on my brain.
I have yet to do any other testing yet.

I will keep you posted on my diagnosis. I do have a question though, I was pointed
into the direction of the Marshall Protocol as a possible cure of many auto immune
and inflammatory disorders. My question is, is anyone here using
or tried that protocol?

After reading all the information on the protocol it seems to make scientific sense to me.

Basically Dr Trevor Marshall has linked most auto immune disorders to a pathogen
and poor regulation of the Vitamin D receptor (VDR) which is why many with MS
or other similar diseases are sensitive to heat and sunlight.

If I am diagnosed with MS or any other autoimmune disorder I will be sure to try this
protocol and keep you all posted :D

Hi Joe,
I will look up the study for specifics but I do know that vitamin D is extremely important and current studies are finding very strong links between vitamin D and MS. My colleagues daughter is a phd who studied at a world renowned ms clinic doing research on the vitamin D component. I am also newbie. Just joined last week and I have to say it's a bit addictive but so theraupetic. I felt like I was the only one out there w/ms symptoms. This morning, when I felt off balance and "off" I thought of everyone on this link going through the same thing and I have to say it did lift my spirits. Maybe someday we'll all end up at the same conference or something....
Hi Joel. I read your information on Marshall protocol, and noticed that the one thing it stressed is that this is for anti-inflamatory diseases and MS is NOT mentioned as it being helpful sure you are clear on what an anti-inflamatory disease is vs. an autoimmune disease. Because MS has been studied for a hundred years and the one thing they DO know for sure is that people who are lacking in Vitamin D, and/or live further away from the equator, where sunshine isnt at its highest level are more prone to MS, this doesnt sound remotely possible as a treatment for MS. in fact, Vitamin D therapy is often used to prevent MS relapses.

I understand that you are in the diagnositic phase and that you probably dont have a whole lot of info on the disease, so welcome to the board where hopefully you will learn more about it and be able to ask questions.

Another thing you should be aware of, is every few months another "miracle cure" for MS is written about. People get very excited thinking if they take this, drink that, or avoid this and that- they will be cured. Being that there are over half million people in the US alone with the disease, and being that some of the most brilliant minds in medical research are working on a "reason' so that they can find a "cure' Im fairly certain when someone comes up with either of these, we will all know it! Be careful being taken by someone who simply wants your money.....not to say that alternative therapies cant help- Im sure many people find relief for symtoms and other issues with alternative medicine, but beware of the differnce between a scam and a sCAM (spurious Complementary and Alternative Medicine). This hasnt been proven either way.

welcome to the boards..

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