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Hi Everyone,

I've had issues over the past two years with something unrelated to MS and have positive ANA test for autoimmune. That issue is still in process of diagnosis. I did read though that symptoms of the other disease overlaps and mimics MS or vica versa. It's Sjogren's Syndrome. As MS is also autoimmune related and some of my symptoms appear in the list of MS symptoms I'm wondering if any of this sounds familiar to anyone.

First of all can you tell me if there are subtests based off the ANA which would correlate with MS? I couldn't find any info on that internet. As MS is autoimmune I thought there might be but I don't see ANA and the subtests noted in anywhere when diagnosing MS.

Here are my symptoms... about 10 years ago I started experiencing numbness in my feet. I also started experiencing migraine aura for the first time. One migraine attack was so bad it left one side of my face numb. The numb feet and migraine aura symptoms have never gone away. The migraine aura have become much more frequent - sometimes daily for a week straight but I don't always get the headache. They do leave me mentally foggy though.

About a year ago I had my first episode of feeling imbalanced. The room wasn't spinning - I just couldn't get my bearings in me straight. I didn't feel like I was spinning inside - I just can't get my positioning straight? I went to ER but no MRI was done. They gave me an EKG... I have been experiencing this quite frequently now. When I walk I need to stop walking or I feel like I will fall down. This isn't a constant thing but does happen frequently.

Now I am getting tingling in my hands and my forearms can feel like I have lead weights in them. I had also had an episode a few weeks ago where I got this random ache in a muscle next to the tibea. It was not from exercise. I was laying down when it happened out of the blue. It lasted about an hour or two and then went away and I haven't had it since. The tingling in my hands and feet occur daily but the heaviness in my arms don't.

I have also been getting stabbing pains in my eyes. I can see fine but my eyes sometimes just hurt. I also get an occasional tremor in my thumb. It lasts on and off for a few days then goes away for months. I've had that for about 3/4 years. The last symptom is tinnitus. I've had this for about 6 months now. It never goes away.

Does this sound like something that could be early onset stages? It's goes over such a span of time that it leaves just enough room for doubt but at the same time, questionable?

The only symptoms I have constantly is the balance issue, numbness in feet, tingling in hands and feet and tinnitus. The rest is random.

Thank you so much for your time.

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