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I would like to share alittle about me and then ask a question.

I am 41 years old. In 2004 one day I had woke up and had numbness in my tongue and lips. I to a ENT thinking they could tell me what in the world was wrong. They couldn't. My next stop was the Health clinic. (no insurance)
They put me on an aspirin regimen and scheduled an MRI to see if I was having a stroke.
Went back for the results and it was determined that I did not have a stroke but they referred me to a large teaching hospital in about 45 mins from where I live to give me the results of the MRI. The Dr came in and told me that I probably had MS but I needed to have a battery of tests to rule out other things before he could say. He said I had multiple "bright spots" on my scan that indicated MS.

I will never forget I asked him what I could do to get rid of it or prevent it and he looked at me and said nothing. I felt really nauseated.

He also told me to get insurance and that he was not going to put it in my chart. I had the blood work he wanted while I was there. But did nothing else because I had no insurance and no money.

As I have thought back on my life I vividly remember a couple of things.
When I was 20yoa I had a bout of numbness on my entire left side. I was told
I was having an issue with a disk.
When I was around 30yoa I started having really excruciating pain in my left arm from the arm pit down to the fingers to the point I could not sleep unless my arm was elevated on multiple pillows. I first thought of a heart attack and called a friend who is a cardio nurse and she said nope I did not have any other symptoms. that particular symptom has come and gone over the years.

I have constant numbness and pain in my feet.
I have had once or twice an electric shock wave that started at the base of my neck and went to my feet.

I have numbness in my head( scalp actually) that feels like a bag of ice cubes melting slowly. And feel just plain weird or unwell in my head at times.
On top of dizziness sometimes to the point I do not feel comfortable driving.

Periodically over the last 2 years I have had problems with blurred vision and no really able to pay attention or stay on task mentally if I am really tired at work. After a really busy or stressful day at work I feel tired to my bones like I may not even make it home.

More recently in the last 2 weeks. My arms(both) from my elbow to my fingers have have been hurting terribly a throbbing ache that only ice will help alleviate. I have actually missed work due to this because I type alot at work.
I have missed work for the dizziness too but I can manage that most of the time or at least ignore it.

Over the last year I have a constant battle with a stiff neck and shoulders that is very uncomfortable.

I have and am trusting the God my Abba Father has me in His Hands and will not let me fall. I believe that He made this body and that He can heal this body.

I now have insurance and since my symptoms seem to be more frequent probably due to a very stressful last 2 years, I guess my question is even if I am not sure that I would ever go on the meds available what would be the
benefit of having a definite diagnosis of MS? Peace of mind to know I am not crazy?

How do I find a Neuro that specializes in MS? I went to the ms society page and could not find a link to DR's. I have looked in the yellow pages and could not find anything that said "specializes in MS".

I live in Raleigh NC.

I have not told anyone except a couple of closest friends that I know are praying for The Lord to bring healing.

How do you decide who you tell and when? :confused:

I feel quite confused and lonely in this and would love some input from others who are in the same boat.

Thank you in advance and God bless you.


Jesus is my everything!


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