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When I talked to my neuro...well, his nurse, she said it wasn't likely to be ON because I had no real vision loss. (This was a conversation before I saw the eye dr when I was trying to get some answers on my headache.)

Honestly, I haven't noticed any change in my vision, my prescription hasn't changed in over a year and the peripheral issues aren't something I notice.

I suppose it is possible. I had sort of crossed it off my list, but now that I know there are some subtle "losses"...

I get a monthly IVSM treatment. I'm also having that done on Monday. I sure hope if it is ON that the IV treatment takes care of it. Its just enough hurt to be an aggravation.

Does it hurt when you touch your eyelid and put any amount of pressure on your lid? When my eyes were dilated, it felt like my right eye was going to burn and explode out of the socket. The left one didn't feel anything like that.

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