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I am female 45 years old.

The past 3 weeks I have been experiencing weird eye problems. Very hard to explain. When I move my eyes from side to side I get oh man sensations like jolts that seem to originate from the back of the eye and spread to the back of my head.. it really doesnt hurt per say ( I do have a high pain tolerance though ) but I say more that it is uncomfortable. and very annoying. feels like my eyes are jumping out of the socket..

Went to the eye doc. Found that I have corneal edema and I am showing some signs of optic nerve swelling but mild.

I also have episodes when I first wake up my vision is very blurry. seems to improve after a hour or so but first thing I can not read a thing.

Eye doc put me on Muro drops they seem to help a little but do not completely help. He now wants me to try the muro ointment at night as well.. Will see how that goes.

I have had elevated eye pressure for over 18 years. always has been to the point that did not need drops for glaucoma but needed to be watched closely. I saw eye doc 2.5 weeks ago he measured pressure was as my high normal at 21 both eyes. Today measured again and pressure is 28 left 29 right so he is now very concerned with glaucoma. Supposed to take a field of vision evaluation test next week.

for at least 10 years I have had low light small print reading difficulty. I could only read anything in bright light.

I can also remember all the way back into my childhood always having very light sensitive eyes.. and squinting in bright sunlight.. and as I got older the same needing dark sunglasses . I also have night blindness when driving have had that forever.

Some other things that have been going on. can remember the start being more than 10 years ago having bladder urgency..... like all the sudden gotta go NOW.. and sometimes not quite making it to the restroom.. this has come and gone over the years and is active again now. not only embarrassing but the family doc wont do anything for me about it. I am a mild diabetic, just diagnosed 4 years ago but have had symptoms for years. It is good though I have a A1C of 5.9 some would'nt even consider that diabetic so it is very well controlled with meformin twice a day.

I have had balance issues for over 10 years worsening with occurances.. not all the time just here and there over the years. I unfortunately had a time that I had no health insurance (have it now thank God) so I just dealt with it. I would fail any field sobriety test for balance without having one drink.
I have fallen down the stadium stairs at a football game seemed like I lost my balance and it felt like my feet wanted to point down the hill and down I went several flights. Always been clumsy and told that by family so wrote that off as just clumsy me. accident prone me.

a few years ago I had a bout mornings I would downrite sound drunk mornings.. got better as hours past but first thing I would slurr so bad I sounded drunk..

5 years ago I lost the use of both of my hands.. I couldnt open my right hand couldnt close my left hand. after 6 surgeries. several for trigger finger then another for so called Synotensovitis (sp) I had a huge bulge come up on the top of my right hand.. caused excruciating nerve pain.. hand specialist went in and cleaned out around the nerve and tendons of my hand.. never got 100% but was better.. It is getting worse now.
This also causes pain and numbness and tingling in my hand that is in the ring and pinky finger and radiated down the pinky side of my hand and up through my arm to the elbow. it feels like the skin on the right hand is thick and I cant feel things normally.. and makes me want to shake my hand like if it were asleep to wake it up. NOTHING helps with the nerve pain... and evenings it is worst.. I get very little sleep because of it.

2 years ago same doc did a ulnar nerve release right below my right arm elbow. again some relief but symtoms returning and worse.

I don't know what is wrong.. but the eye doc suggested a appt with a neurologist and MRI.

I have a first cousin that has MS and was diagnosed when she was 22. She is 46 now and is doing great with meds and is very active.

I talked to her about what is going on and she fears I may have MS as she does and for me to get tested.

Will get my appt time tommorrow....... for Neuro Doc..

What should I ask?
What tests should I ask for?

Any advise is greatly appreciated!!!
Much Love..............


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