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I am new to the forum and I guess just wanted to vent since I am really concerned. I am 33 years old, male and live a healthly/active lifestyle (no smoking/no drugs/excercise 4-6 times a week)

For the last 16 months I have been experiencing some intermittant muscle twitches primarily in my hands and feet. I would say they may occur up to 20 times per day. When I do feel the twitch I can flex the muscle and they immediately go away. They are not painful, but they are an annoyance and remind me that they are there. Another symptom that I experience is that my hands go to sleep when I am sleeping occaisionally. For instance if I lie on them sometimes (once a month) i will wake up due to the discomfort. This symptom is probably not all that abnormal but is something that I never use to experience prior to 16 months ago. I don't feel like I have good circulation in my hands to begin with. For at least 5 years I have received comments about my hands being cold while shaking hands.

I went to my GP about 14 months ago and he originally thought that it could be related to a vitamin D deficiancy. My Vitamin D was low (live in Canada) so with supplementation it is now at a normal level. I think the number of twitches decreased but were still apparent. At this point my GP scheduled an MRI.

It took around 8 months for me to get in for an MRI which I had this past Monday. I just heard the results and they came back inconclusive. My GP is now referring me to a Neurologist for further investigation.

As I mentioned before, I remain active and am currently training for an Oylmpic distatance triathalon. The day before my MRI, I participated in a 10km race and beat my personal best by 3 minutes. I am quite baffled, that physically, I am in good shape, yet feel the panic and stress of further MS tests.

As an aside, I do have a stressful job and was blessed with the birth of a baby girl 12 months ago. So there is no shortage of stress to go around but to try to balance that with excercise, 7-8 hours sleep and a great relationship with a loving wife.

There is no family history of MS or other neurological disorders. But the fact that the MRI came back inconclusive has me extremely worried.

Symptoms that I have NOT had
- No vision issues (blurry or double)
- No tripping or falls due to dizzyness
- No pain

If anyone is willing to provide any insight into these symptoms or symptoms that you have had I would be interested in hearing about them

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