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Hi Kasey,
Yes, I am glad we can talk as well. It is wonderful to have someone who knows what you are going through.
I take Robaxin (muscle relaxant) and ultracet for pain. The robaxin does help and the pain med decreases the pain, but doesn't eliminate it.
As far as my stinks i have to admit. I have only been walking for a couple of weeks now and my balance varies daily. So most days i just grab whatever is in reach. I have a great deal of difficulty standing for more than a few minutes. Between the fatigue and the pain, I dont accomplish much of anything. I go to PT to strengthen my legs also, but I wont be able to do much more than I am now because of the fatigue level. The best part is when they stretch my muscles for me. I love that. I sleep so good those nights.

And you should go see a different neurologist. If you need a referral, you can list muscle weakness as your diagnosis or skin sensation disturbance....those are symptoms that are diagnosis used for me. When looking for a new office, call to see if they have a MS specialist on staff (neurologist who specializes in diagnosis/treatment of MS)

There are other illnesses that need to be ruled out, these often mimic MS and are often misdiagnosed for one another....Lymes disease, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome etc... I dont recall all of them right now. But I am sure others here would know them or we could find them on line.

I did find a posting on here with the complete diagnostic criteria for MS. I tried to copy and paste it to my blog but I couldnt get my blog to tomorrow I will try to find that post again for us.

I will talk to you tomorrow. Have a good night. Try to get some rest. I know I will sleep pretty good. I hope anyway. Good night my new friend.

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