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Hi welcome to health boards. being newly diagnosed is scary, but you have come to the right place.
I dont know how many "lots' is to you, but I have over 50 lesions all on my brain, none on my spine- and let me tell you that my life hasnt changed one bit, except for adding shots to my world.

I am in grad school. Im in sales and work about 50 hours a week and travel with my job.I have a family includingb 3 kids and a husband..... Ive gone on vacations all over the world with my shots, too. Other then taking it easy, and trying to stay out of the heat, and (in the pool) keep my body comfortable, nothing has significantly changed for me.

An active lesion is one which is "glowing" on the MRI and currently doing damage. Being on Copaxone, you are supposedly eliminating any future activity. Its not a 100% sure thing, but it will decrease the chances of anything being active in your future. Of course I hope someone told you it takes about 6 months for Copaxone (and all the drugs for MS) to really build up in your blood stream and get to full capacity to work.

Active lesions are currently attacking, doing damage-
Inactive lesions are scars which have already done their thing and have settled down. A lesion is just that- a scar. The body attacks the myelin sheath of the nerve (covering). What is left is a white scar on the brain or nerve, which shows up with your MRI. Glowing- bad. .....old scar, small white marking.

ITs very important that you do NOT try to look at your own MRI films or CD and say "oh my god, I have a TON of white dots!" because most of them are supposed to be there. Thats why radiologists go to school for ten years! ok? Placement, size and specifics are what a radiologist or neurologist is looking at, when they read your MRI. SO dont freak out if you see a ton of white stuff on it.
I have over 50 lesions on my brain, thats considered quite alot. ITs all about where they are which determines if there is a problem due to this number. Fortunately for me, where mine are, I guess I had brain matter to spare, because it hasnt actually dont me any significant damage. I have loss of feeling in my left hand and fingers and some occasional pain in my shoulder and back. But overall, this is MS and its not the worst thing in the world to be dx with.

Let us know how else we can help.

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