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Re: Knee pain.
Oct 31, 2010

I am happy you found my posts of some use. I like you had also never joined a site of this kind but in my search for so called answers I have found the people and wealth of information on here invaluable. I am very sorry to hear of your difficult time.

If you click on my name you get a drop down box where you can search for other posts by UK SUSIE and you will see more of what I have written about my TM experience.

Basically now I am left with numbness in my right foot. I have learned to live with it. I take no medication at all. My DX is still that of probable MS and I am under the care of a Neurologist and the MS nurses here in the UK but fortunately have not had the need to call on them yet and hopefully I never will. I am lucky I guess I have been very well. I still have pain in my knees and a buzzing sensation down my spine. My right foot feels freezing cold all the time, almost like I have been standing with my foot in a bucket of ice. When I am stessed I get more buzzy up my legs but this is more of a MS symptom than TM.

My nuero explained my TM to me as that I had inflammed my spine and that caused numbness below the area of damage, it could be permanant but hopefully I would make a full recovery. nerves damn them heal very very slowly. I was off work three months, I felt I was never going to improve but I did, all but my foot.

Stay positive and be strong.x.

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