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[QUOTE=efirst;4290598]I just had an MRI of thoracic area due to history of MS and current numbness to left hip and leg. After the MRI was complete they had me go for regular x-rays AP and lateral of thoracic area. The tech told me it was something that the radiologist always asks for. This is my fourth MRI and I have never been asked to do this. I am worried that maybe they found something unusual? Is there a valid reason for wanting x-rays after MRI if they are looking for MS lesions? Feeling a bit paranoid right now. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Hi efirst!
When having a Thoracic MRI, sometimes it is difficult to count the vertebral bodies because there are no landmarks. It is a large area to scan and some scanners cannot visualize the entire spine. On cervical MRI's, they have the skull base to reference from. The lumbar, they have the coccyx. This is just a way to accurately read the MRI. Some technologists can take an extra 'shot' to include the cervical spine to 'help with counting' and others use a marker to identify certain landmarks. Most sites are required to identify and report on every level, so it is imperative that they know what vertebral body they are talking about. I can definitely understand why you would be paranoid, but rest assured that it is not an unusual practice to count Thoracic vertebrae. Hope this helps you!

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