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Re: Oooouuucchh!!
Aug 8, 2010

These are some of the symptoms I am aware of Baclofen causing:

upset stomach
difficulty breathing

Keep in mind medications effect everyone differently and not everyone will have side effects.

Baclofen needs to be increased/decreased very slowly, usually a 1/4 to 1/2 a pill once a week (most common 1/2 a pill increase/decrease a week) until you are at your prescribed dose or what you feel is working best.

The side effect of seizures is usually when stopping the med without decreasing slowly especially on higher doses. As for weakness: this SOMETIMES happens with longterm use.

As for how Baclofen effects me: First I would like to explain I have taken Baclofen several different times through the years, I have never stayed on it permanently and use it differently each time.

It is recommended you use Baclofen on a daily basis finding the lowest benefical dose for you. I would take if regularly during my relapses but on my neuro's recommendation I decreased my doseage and then would take it only as needed.

The last time I used it I only took it at bedtime. Unfortunately, spasticity for me includes a lot of stiffness in my legs, too much Baclofen causes my legs to feel like they are not able to bear my weight. When stiffness is involved it can be a fine line - I need some stiffnes to remain walking/standing.

The most common side effect would be drowsiness but if you are taking Baclofen at bedtime that won't matter, if taken on a regular basis the drowsiness can go away as you adjust to the medication.

When I only took Baclofen at bedtime I woke up with my legs feeling less stiff but not too much to cause leg weakness.

Is your neuro treating numbness with Baclofen? If so, I find that interesting and would like to know if it helps you. I have read some use Neurontin for numbness.

If your back pain is related to spasticity (muscle spasms, muscle tightness, cramping, stiffness and pain) then Baclofen is a good choice...if it helps you.

Many medications for MS are used "off label" but Baclofen was/is FDA approved for MS.

Sadly, it's true appearances seems to be the way those without MS decide if we are doing fine. In all fairness: many of us are at fault for this misconception. How often do we say we're fine when asked - I know I do.

This became longer than I had meant. If I haven't answered your questions or you have more please feel free to ask

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